Connie Deveaux (Mz. Berry) – BTS

So its been almost a year since I had the chance to shoot with the beautiful and talented Connie Deveaux.  You might remember her from “For the Love of Ray-J (Season 2).”

Connie Deveaux is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. An undeniable resemblance to an Academy Award winning actress gave her the nickname “Mz. Berry”, but her beautiful personality makes her one of a kind.

Connie is more than just a pretty face, she’s a real estate agent, blogger (with over 25,000 views), a mom and recently Connie lead team “For The Love of Life” at the 2010 New York AIDS Walk

So clearly I was too busy actually shooting that day to do any real BTS… ;)  thank goodness for Iphones and social networks. Check me out here (right) with Connie (middle) and my stylist for the day Niasia Rouse (left).



Make-up and Hair team for the day Damion Gerado and Astrid Hernandez.

outfit #1

outfit #2

outfit #3

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